Gerbol Kids Banana Beanbag - Cotton
£ 75.00
It's time to send the kids bananas - literally! The new design beanbag is not only Supercool and stylish, but it also boasts supreme comfort and pleasure; and best of all; it's shaped like a Banana! What more could a child ask for?!

In fact after a session on one of our Bananas you might even find your child spending more time relaxed and asleep in one of these than you would on a standard square bed!

Available in adult and kid's sizes and in any colour or fabric of your choice.

Precaution Young Children
If you have young children around the house then you might like to consider the following as a precaution: putting a couple of hand stitches over the zip fastener when in the closed position will lock it and avoid accidental opening of the zip.We do not recommend our beanbags for use around children aged three or under.
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