Filling your Beanbag. We strongly recommend the use of Fire Retardant polystyrene beads grade. We supply jumbo size beads - 3mm- 5mm in diameter. We further recommend you keep the plastic bag containing the beads, for re-use when emptying the filling to wash your bean bag cover.

Instructions on how to fill your beanbag: Due to a safe transportation of your beanbag, please note that light and easy assembly due to the sizes and shape in some cases is necessary. You may also require help from a member of your family, it's fun. However you will receive with your order a product care, where you will find instruction on how to poor the filling into your beanbag, If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do not overfill your Gerbol beanbag. We recommend leaving a little space inside for the beans to move and spread uniformly. This allows the bag to take on the form of your body as you sink into it, giving the ultimate degree of comfort.

Lining. If you have ordered a liner, we recommend the following three easy steps:
1) Insert the liner into your Gerbol bean bag cover, leave the end of the liner hanging outside of the zip.
2) Empty the filling inside the liner, making sure you give a little shake while filling your bean bag.
3) Tie a knot at the very end, pop the liner inside the bean bag cover and close the zip.

Washing your Gerbol beanbag. Is very simple. Just empty the filling into the large plastic bag/s shipped to you or into an empty duvet cover. Turn the empty beanbag cover inside out, closing the zip as far as possible. Please note that the fur is machine washable whilst the cotton is strictly dry clean only and Nylon is hand wash only . Our covers are very quick drying naturally. Once dry, just pour the ‘beans’ back into the bag. It’s as simple as that!

Precaution for Young Children. If you have young children around the house then you might like to consider the following as a precaution: putting a couple of hand stitches over the zip fastener when in the closed position will lock it and avoid accidental opening of the zip. We do not recommend our beanbags for use around children aged three or under.

Precaution for Asthma. We do not recommend our fur fabrics where there are asthma sufferers in the family. Our 100% Cotton will be a safe option.